director & developer of new performance


A community collaboration project with the Brooklyn Museum and YAI ARTS. A performance environment created to engage a neurodiverse public in collective dreaming.

Collaborators: Adrian Lewis, Alem Blount, Anel Jean Baptiste, Dieurisaint Andre, Eric Magnus, Jerry Lipsky, Michelle Wensmann, Mirana Zuger, Mohammad Aghebati, Peter Rosario, Rosita Ramos, and Samuel Ho


Jerry and Adrian talk about their dream map drawings created with Mohammad for their performance in DREAMROOM

Over the course of several months, artists from YAI ARTS and Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) program investigated dreams as a mode of personal expression and strategy for neurodiverse collaboration. Our approach was interdisciplinary, using projection, drawing, animation, and live performance to create a space for the manifestation of dreams.

D R E A M R O O M at the Brooklyn Museum


On May 16 & 17, 2015, we presented D R E A M R O O M as part of Assembly Required: Making Space for Community Engagement at the Brooklyn Museum.

Alternating between open studio sessions and performances of ongoing multimedia projects, D R E A M R O O M was an active space where museumgoers could talk, work, and dream with us.

A GIF created by Alem, Anel, and Lisa.

Developed in & Supported by:  YAI Arts | YAI Network, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn College Performance & Interactive Media Art Program, and Brooklyn College Community Arts Practice Group