director & developer of new performance

You Are Here

A global sensory teleportation project. Audio installation created in collaboration with the All Change Festival in five international cities.

Conducted New York City interviews with producer Lucy Jackson, and designed website for the project.

Installed as part of the All Change Festival, presented simultaneously in multiple cities around the world including in London at the Lyric Hammersmith, with New Noise in New Orleans, at the Forest Fringe in New York, at Tjarnarbíó in Reykjavík, and with Bluespots Productions in Augsburg in October 2014.


Pick a city. Pick a person. Put on headphones. Click play. Close or cover your eyes.

You are invited to step into someone else’s skin. They may be within your own city or country, or they may be miles away in a foreign land. Listen to them tell you about the wind on their face, the grass between their toes and the whiff of the streets. Sneak into their present for just a fleeting moment.

This project, You Are Here, is a low-fi teleportation at its best. Collaboratively created by artist teams in five global locations, you will hear, feel, taste, smell and see the world through someone else’s words during this digital storytelling installation.

New York City Interviews




You Are Here was supported by Arts Council England.

Photo of Prospect Park by Jennifer Catton McCauley.